The Death and Return of Superman (2019) English WEB-DL Download 480p 720p HD

Original Title: The Death and Return of Superman
IMDB Ratings: 6.4/10
Duration: 2h 46min
Release Date: 1 October 2019
Genres: Animation, Action, Sci-Fi 
Language: English – Esubs 
Quality: WEB-DL
Size: WEB-DL 480p Esubs [481MB] | 720p [1.2GB]

Superman has become a hero to the citizens of Metropolis while infuriating billionaire and super villain Lex Luthor, who considers our hero a threat to his city and the influence he has in it. In an attempt to kidnap the mayor, Intergang – armed with Apokolips technology, including the Mother Box – are foiled by Superman; he and the Justice League send the recovered devices to S.T.A.R. Labs for analysis. In an interview with the Daily Planet’s ace reporter Lois Lane, Superman presents the rocket that brought him to Earth from Krypton and its birthing matrix, containing Kryptonian DNA technology to the world. Lois is in a relationship with fellow reporter Clark Kent who, unbeknownst to her, is Superman’s alter-ego. Despite meeting his parents Jonathan and Martha, Lois remains apprehensive of Clark’s secrecy. His reluctance to reveal his past makes Lois reconsider their relationship.

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