Iron Man 2010 all New Episodes in Hindi Dubbed Download

When Tony Stark puts his company’s branches in Japan, he is opposed by the organization of nefarious amounts. It is the stark Iron Man for the zodiac to defeat and defend Japan.
While running for only two seasons, it was the subject of a major overhaul between the Iron Man season when its production studio was replaced. The result was a widely changed premise, tone and general approach, which left unevenly identifiable seasons as two halves of the same series.

Finn Fong Foamer betrays the Mandarin and he and his dragon brother try to kill the human race. Finally, the Dragons are killed and the Mandarin is assumed to be dead. Iron Man’s team left the war machine and Spider-Woman. The Mandarin survives and begins to reclaim its rings. Tony Stark decided to retire as Iron Man and travelled to Japan to train a group of pilots to try the Iron Man Dio armor as his replacement, as well as the new ARC reactor overseeing which Japan’s free energy Will When the audio armor is known as the Zodiac, it gets stolen by the organization. To protect the zodiac from Japan, Tony has been forced to retire once again to wear Iron Man armer. At the same time, he should also look into the Yinsen against the AIM and be his former friend. But when he discovers that Dr. Chika Tanaka is a zomadic agent, so she unveils a conspiracy to use her technique to make Japan a major military power once again.

Series Information:

Series Name: Iron Man

Release: TV Series (2010– )

Quality: 480p & 720p HD 110mb

Running Time:  

Language: Hindi Dubbed

Type:  Animation, Action, Sci-Fi

Encoded By: Coolsanime


Iron Man 2010 Hindi Episodes 720p 100 Mb Compressed

These Episodes aired on Star Utsav

Episode 1 Iron Man Arrives in Japan
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 2 Find the Missing Nuke
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 3 The Project Revived
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 04 : Reunion
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 05 : The Arc Station Infection
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 06 : Electronic Warfare
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 07 : Escape
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 08 : Girl
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 09 : VS Iron Man [ENG]
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 10 : Iron Will [ENG]
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 11 : Mastermind [ENG]
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 12 :  The Light in the Darkness [ENG]
720p – Mirror_Links


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