Eight Legged Freaks (2002) Hindi Dubbed WEBRip Download 480p 720p HD

Original Title: Eight Legged Freaks
IMDB Ratings: 5.4/10
Duration: 1h 39min
Release Date: 17 July 2002 (USA)
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy
Language: Hindi Dubbed
Quality: WEBRip
Size: 480p 279MB | 720p 747MB

On a highway outside Arizona’s quiet mining town, Arizona, a truck driver who raises loads of chemicals to escape a rabbit takes barrels of toxic waste into a reservoir to land. An exotic spider farmer named Joshua has been making regular visits to the place where he collects wickets for his spiders. Because spiders have swallowed toxins, they increase in size and appetite. Joshua shows Mike, a local boy, his collection, including a Brazilian giant woman, Orb Weaver, named Consuella. After Mike leaves, Joshua is bitten by a runaway tarantula and accidentally falls down the spider cage. He is killed by spiders, with his pet parrots and, after eating it, spiders grow in even larger proportions.

A week later, Mike goes to meet Joshua again, but his mother, Sheriff Sam Straud and Deputy Pete, pulled the poisonous barrel from the pond and stopped him. Wade, the mayor of Prosperity, is meeting a city at the mall to see whether they should sell and move mines. Chris McCormick, whose father owned the mines before he died ten years ago, shows up and stands up against Wade’s proposal. Chris also flashes a romance with Sam. Meanwhile, Harlan Griffiths, a eccentric supernatural enthusiast, is broadcasting his theory that various missing pets around the city have been boycotted. Essentially their theory is rejected as the product of a deranged imagination. Mike walks out and finds Joshua and the spiders missing, covered in farmland, and Joshua’s body. Although he sees the shadow of a giant spider in mines and tells Chris that spiders have evolved into large sizes, based on the foot of a giant spider he is found at the entrance of the mine, Chris does not believe him. Meanwhile, the mines re-discovered a famous gold mine with miners.

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