Doraemon The Movie Nobita Aur Khel Khilona Bhool Bhullaiya (1993) Hindi Dubbed REMASTERED WEB-DL Download 480p 720p HD

Original Title: Doraemon: Nobita and the Tin Labyrinth (Doraemon The Movie 08)
IMDB Ratings: 6.7/10
Duration: 1h 40min
Release Date:  6 March 1993 (Japan)
Genres: Animation, Action, Adventure
Language: Hindi Dubbed
Quality: WEB-DL
Size: 480p 196MB | 720p 788MB

Nobisuke saw a funny ad of a luxurious resort called Hotel Burkin on television at midnight. While he was sleeping, he made a reservation, even though he didn’t realise he was talking for advertising. The next day, when Nobita was upset because of the fact that her family never goes on vacation, she discussed her vacation plans with the family, told Nobita and Doraemon that she had made a reservation at the hotel Burrikin. Excited, Nobita tells Xian, Suno and Shizuka about it. However, the mother of Nobisuke and Nobita did not find a hotel burqin anywhere on earth, and wondered whether Nobisuke was just dreaming about it, for The Terror of Nobita.

Afraid to break his promise to his friends, Nobita avoided them, but when he went home, he found a mysterious suitcase lying on the floor. When it unlocks it with its key, it opens a portal. He and Doraemon went through it, and on the other hand discover sit hotel Burkin. The hotel is run by Tin Robot, Clown, Tap and a Butler. After realizing that the hotel is really free, Nobita and Doraemon enjoy staying together. However, Tap has warned them not to enter the basement.

When Nobita and Doraemon go to a nearby snow mountain, they plan to ski, but Nobita, as usual, asks Doraemon to help her for the gadget. While irritated, Doremon gives Nobita a high-power ski, but before Nobita fully explains how he works, the robot gets very angry. Of course, Nobita didn’t stop the ski skit and fell apart from Doraemon. While Doraemon Tech is looking for a copter boy, he thinks the hotel staff will plant a zeplan. But unexpectedly, it shoots fireworks at him, leaving him out of the sky. Meanwhile, Nobita worried that Doremon left her angry, hoping to return to the hotel, and that she would stay there. But not everyone, including the tin robot, can be seen anywhere. When he peeps into the basement, a scary, talking door scares him, and he returns home.


This Movie also Known as – Doraemon: Nobita and the Tin Labyrinth

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