Doraemon The Movie Adventures Of Koya Koya Planet 2009 Hindi Dubbed HD Download 480p 720p HD

Original Title: Doraemon the Movie: Nobita’s Spaceblazer (Doraemon The Movie 13)
IMDB Ratings: 6.7/10
Duration: 1h 30min 
Release Date:  14 March 1981 (Japan)
Genres: Animation, Adventure, Family
Language: Hindi Dubbed
Quality: HD
Size: 480p 260MB | 720p 1GB

Two brothers and sisters, Roppuru and Morina, were playing in a park. Suddenly, they feel an earthquake on the koi koy planet. The massive earthquake was destroying the entire planet. Everyone will avoid using a giant ship; However, sudden bolts of power loss. The professor (Morina’s father) wants to fix the spacecraft, but before he takes another lightning strike to another dimension.

Nobita and his friends lost a ball and should get it from a group of tough baseball players. These players chase him and knock Nobita down from the manhole.Meanwhile, two creatures from the alternate universe, Roppuru and Chami, escape from an enemy ship. When Nobita is sleeping, he suddenly feels an earthquake that trembles under him. The little rabbit from the alternate universe called Chamii opens the door between dimensions by using a hammer. Nobita wakes up, while Doraemon hears that someone is stealing food from the fridge. This led to the capture of Chamoi by Doraemon and Nobita. He shows them the path through The Floor of Nobita to space. After entering the spacecraft, they see the koya koi planet and meet Roppuru (12 years).

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