Bunnicula all New Episodes in Hindi Dubbed Download

A dark comedic adventure about the titular Bunnicula, a vampire rabbit, Mina, his owner, and her two pets, Chester the cat and Harold the dog. Instead of blood, Bunnicula feeds on carrots to sustain himself which gives him super abilities which come in handy on his and his friends escapades.

The series is based on the book series of the same title by James Howe and Deborah Howe.

Bunnicula Hindi All Episode List

Episode 01 Mumkey Business
Episode 02 Walking Fish
Episode 03 Spider Lamb
Episode 04 Alligator Tears
Episode 05 Muddy Harry
Episode 06 Garlicked
Episode 07 Whooo Is the Knight Owl
Episode 08 Squeaky Doom
Episode 09 Son of Bunnicula
Episode 10 Evil Cat Videos

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