Big Hero 6 The Series Season 01 all New Episodes in Hindi Dubbed Download

Hero, a 14-year-old robot genius, visits a research lab with his brother, Tapashi, where he meets Professor Colcube. He presents his Microbot concept and Kailcu accepts him in his school.The series feature film is set after the events of Big Hero 6 and continues the thrill of 14-year-old techno talent hero Hamida and Kinder, a sophisticated robot built by his late brother, Tapashi. With your friends, BVB, Honey Lemon, Go go and Fred, they build superhero team Big Hero 6 and prepare for high-tech adventures as they protect your city from an array of scientifically enhanced villains. The hero also faced academic challenges and social tests as a new prodigy at the San Francisco Institute of Technology.

After the events of the Big Hero 6, the hero detects Bacex’s personality chip and moves forward to reconstruct his skeleton. Meanwhile, Fred the superhero team Big Hero 6. As the reluctant group tries to fight crime. Elsewhere, Yum Mysterious Obeck is hired by Professor Granville to steal an unusual peppermint, the new Dean on the Sfit and the hero professor. The hero incinerate the reconstruction process and skeletal malfunction, participates and is captured by Yum and his crew. In lieu of the skeleton, Yum pressured the hero to reclaim the Papo. With the help of Fred they get it, but Yum crossed them. Vasabi, go go and Honey lemon reach and save them and reclaim skeletal and pepperweight, but Yum make duplicates of the skeleton and send them out to attack the city. Yama is a peppermint that has powerful magnetic energy which influences electric appliances including a train in which Auntie CAs is riding. Big Hero 6 stops the train and the hero throws the Pepperweight in the sky where it explodes safely. The next day, the Grand hero gives the old lab to Taadashi, so he can have a familiar environment to work with, and he joins his friends to become Big Hero 6, while Obek considers his next move.

Series Information:

Series Name: Big Hero 6 The Series

Release: TV Series (2017– )

Quality: 480p & 720p HD 75mb

Running Time: 21min

Language: Hindi Dubbed

Type: Animation, Action, Adventure

Encoded By: Coolsanime


Big Hero 6 The Series Hindi Episodes 720p Low Size (80MB) List

Season 01

Episode 01 : “Baymax Returns
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 02 : “Issue 188”
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 03 : “Big Roommates 2”
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 04 : “Fred’s Bro-Tillion”
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 05 : “Food Fight”
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 06 : “Muirahara Woods”
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 07 : “Failure Mode”
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 08 : “Aunt Cass Goes Out”
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 09 : “The Impatient Patient”
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 10 : “Mr. Sparkles Loses His Sparkle”
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 11 : “Killer App”
720p – Mirror_Links

Episode 12 : “Small Hiro One”
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